Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1

Lesson 1
Getting Started with PowerPoint
 Identify the elements of the
user interface.
 View presentations.
 Save a presentation.
 Use Microsoft PowerPoint Help.

Lesson 2
Creating a Basic Presentation
 Select a presentation type.
 Enter text.
 Edit text.
 Format text placeholders.
 Add slides to a presentation.
 Arrange slides.
 Work with themes.

Lesson 3
Formatting Text on Slides
 Apply character formats.
 Format paragraphs.

Lesson 4
Adding Graphical Objects to a
 Insert images into a
 Add shapes.
 Add visual styles to the text in
a presentation.

Lesson 5
Modifying Graphical Objects in a
 Edit graphical objects.
 Format graphical objects.
 Group graphical objects on a
 Arrange graphical objects on a
 Apply animation effects.

Lesson 6
Working with Tables
 Insert a table in a slide.
 Format tables.
 Import tables from other
Microsoft Office applications.

Lesson 7
Working with Charts
 Insert charts.
 Modify a chart.
 Import charts from other
Microsoft Office applications.

Lesson 8
Preparing to Deliver a
 Review the content in a
 Divide a presentation into
 Add transitions.
 Add speaker notes.
 Print a presentation.
 Deliver a presentation