Microsoft Office Access Level 4

Module: Microsoft Office Access Level 4 (Application)

Lesson 1: Integrating Access into Your Business
 Import XML data into an Access database.
 Export Access data to the XML format.
 Export data to an Outlook address book.
 Collect data through email messages.

Lesson 2: Automating a Business Process with VBA
 Create a standard module.
 Develop code for a procedure.
 Call a procedure from a form.
 Run a procedure.

Lesson 3: Managing Switchboards
 Create a database switchboard.
 Modify a database switchboard.
 Set the startup options of a database.

Lesson 4: Distributing and Securing Databases
 Split a database into a front-end and a back-end database.
 Implement security for an Access database.
 Set passwords for an Access database.
 Convert an Access database to an ACCDE file.
 Package a database with a digital signature.

Lesson 5: Sharing Databases Using a SharePoint Site
 Export a table to a SharePoint list.
 Import data from a SharePoint list.
 Publish a database to a SharePoint site.
 Move a database to a SharePoint site.
 Work offline with an Access database that was moved to a SharePoint site.