Microsoft Excel Level 1

Module: Microsoft Excel (Beginner)

Lesson 1
Getting Started with Excel
 Identify the elements of the Excel interface.
 Navigate and select cells in worksheets.
 Customize the Excel interface.
 Create a basic worksheet.

Lesson 2
Performing Calculations in an Excel Worksheet
 Create formulas in a worksheet.
 Insert functions in a worksheet.
 Reuse formulas.

Lesson 3
Modifying a Worksheet
 Edit worksheet data.
 Find and replace data.
 Manipulate worksheet elements.

Lesson 4
Modifying the Appearance of a Worksheet
 Apply font properties.
 Add borders and colors to cells.
 Align content in a cell.
 Apply number formatting.
 Apply cell styles.

Lesson 5
Managing an Excel Workbook
 Manage worksheets.
 View worksheets and workbooks.

Lesson 6
Printing Excel Workbooks
 Define the page layout.
 Print a workbook.