Creating a Web Page

 Create a global structure and save with the correct file extension.
 Add a page title based on page title guidelines.
 Add color and an image to change the appearance of a Web page background.
 Create paragraphs.
 Embed an image.
Lesson 2
Structuring Content

 Create multiple levels of headings.
 Create a list.
 Notate your code using HTML comments.
 Insert a horizontal rule.
 Create and prevent line breaks.
 Group elements.
Lesson 3
Linking Web Pages

 Create links to other locations on your Web site.
 Create links to locations outside of your Web site.
 Create an image link.
Lesson 4
Formatting Text

 Modify text so that it appears bold or italic.
 Modify the font face, size, and color of text.
 Create a style sheet embedded in a Web page.
 Enter designated HTML entity codes that render as characters when viewed in a browser.
Lesson 5
Creating Tables

 Create the table body by adding rows and cells.
 Create table headers.
 Modify the structure of a table by merging columns and rows.
 Align content held within a table.
 Change the background color of a table row.
Lesson 6
Creating Forms

 Create a Web form that contains text input fields, and Submit and Reset buttons.
 Create radio buttons and checkboxes on a Web form.
 Create text area fields.
 Add a select list to a Web form.
 Add graphical buttons to a Web page.
Lesson 7
Working in the Cpanel

 Creating customized emails
 Addon domain, sub domain & parked domain
 Uploading codes.