Microsoft Office Word level 3 (ADVANCED)
Lesson 1
Using Microsoft Office Word with Other Programs

 Link a Word document to an Excel worksheet.
 Send a document outline to PowerPoint.
 Send a document as an email message.
Lesson 2
Collaborating on Documents

 Modify user information.
 Send a document for review.
 Review a document.
 Compare document changes.
 Merge documents.
 Review track changes and comments.
 Coauthor documents.
Lesson 3
Managing Document Versions

 Create a new document version.
 Compare document versions.
 Merge document versions.
Lesson 4
Adding Reference Marks and Notes

 Insert bookmarks.
 Insert footnotes and endnotes.
 Add captions to illustrations.
 Add hyperlinks.
 Add cross-references.
 Add citations and a bibliography.
Lesson 5
Simplifying the Use of Long Documents

 Insert blank and cover pages.
 Insert an index.
 Insert a table of figures.
 Insert a table of authorities.
 Insert a table of contents.
 Create a master document.
Lesson 6
Securing a Document

 Hide text.
 Remove personal information from a document.
 Set formatting and editing restrictions for a document.
 Add a digital signature to a document.
 Use a password to open a document.
 Restrict document access.
Lesson 7
Creating Forms

 Add form fields to a document.
 Protect a form.
 Automate a form.