Microsoft Office Word Level 2 (Intermediate)
Lesson 1
Managing Lists

 Sort a list.
 Renumber a list.
 Customize a list.
Lesson 2
Customizing Tables and Charts

 Sort table data.
 Control cell layout.
 Perform calculations in a table.
 Create charts to visually represent numerical data.
Lesson 3
Creating Customized Formats with Styles and Themes

 Create or modify a text style.
 Create a custom list or table style.
 Apply default and customized document themes.
Lesson 4
Modifying Pictures

 Resize a picture.
 Adjust the picture appearance settings.
 Wrap text around a picture.
 Insert and format screenshots.
Lesson 5
Creating Customized Graphic Elements

 Create text boxes and pull quotes.
 Draw shapes.
 Add WordArt and other special text effects.
 Create complex illustrations with SmartArt.
Lesson 6
Inserting Content Using Quick Parts

 Insert building blocks.
 Create building blocks.
 Modify building blocks.
 Insert fields using Quick Parts.
Lesson 7
Controlling Text Flow

 Control paragraph flow.
 Insert section breaks.
 Insert columns.
 Link text boxes to control text flow.
Lesson 8
Using Templates to Automate Document Creation

 Create a document based on a template.
 Create a template.
Lesson 9
Automating the Mail Merge

 Use the mail merge feature.
 Merge envelopes and labels.
 Create a data source.
Lesson 10
Using Macros to Automate Tasks

 Automate tasks using macros.
 Create a macro.