Microsoft Office Word Level 1 (Beginner) Duration: 12 – 16 Hrs Cost: $150
Lesson 1
Getting Started with Word

 Identify the components of the Word interface.
 Customize the Word interface.
 Display a document in different views.
 Enter text in a document.
 Save a document.
Lesson 2
Editing Text in a Word Document

 Select text.
 Modify text.
 Find and replace text.
Lesson 3
Modifying the Appearance of Text in a Word Document

 Apply character formatting.
 Align text using tabs.
 Display text as list items.
 Modify the layout of a paragraph.
 Apply styles.
 Manage formatting.
 Apply borders and shading.
Lesson 4
Inserting Special Characters and Graphical Objects

 Insert symbols and special characters.
 Add illustrations to a document.
Lesson 5
Organizing Data in Tables

 Insert a table.
 Modify the structure of a table.
 Format a table using contextual tabs.
 Convert text to a table.