Introduction to Personal Computers
Lesson 1

Getting Started with Personal Computers
• Identify what a personal computer is and the tasks you can perform with one.
• Identify types of personal computers.
• Identify the common components.
• Identify how personal computers work.
Lesson 2
Using a Personal Computer

• Identify how to set up your computer.
• Start your computer.
• Log in to your computer.
• Display My Computer.
Lesson 3
Using Application Software

• Navigate in a word processing document.
• Update a spreadsheet.
• Run a presentation.
• Find information in a database.
Lesson 4
Connecting to a Network

• Identify types of networks.
• Access the Internet.
Lesson 5
File and Folder Management

• View the contents of a drive and folder using the Computer folder window
• View the properties of files and folders
• Find files and folders from a folder window
• Cascade, stack, and view windows side by side on the desktop
• View the contents of the Pictures library
• Open and use the Windows Photo Viewer
• View pictures as a slide show
• View the contents of the Music library
• View information about an audio file
• Play an audio file using Windows Media Player
• Create a backup on a USB flash drive and an optical disc
• Restore a folder from a backup on a USB flash drive