Module: Microsoft Office Access Level 1 (Beginner)
Lesson 1: Getting Started with Access Databases

• Identify the elements of the Access 2010 interface.
• Identify the components of a database.
• Examine the process of creating a relational database.
Lesson 2: Building the Structure of a Database
• Create a new database.
• Create a table.
• Manage tables in a database.
• Create relationships between tables.
Lesson 3: Managing Data in a Table
• Modify table data.
• Sort and filter records.
• View data from related tables.
Lesson 4: Querying a Database
• Create a query.
• Add criteria to a query.
• Add a calculated field to a query.
• Perform calculations on a record group.
Lesson 5: Designing Forms
• Create a form.
• Modify the design of a form.
• View and edit data using an Access form.
Lesson 6: Generating Reports
• Create a report.
• Add a control to a report.
• Format the controls in a report.
• Enhance the appearance of a report.
• Prepare a report for print.